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Friday 4/3/2020, 9:00PM, Phoenix Bar

941 Elysian Fields Avenue

Meet N Greet

Come meet the judges, NOLA PAH, and Contestants!

Saturday 4/4/2020 at 12:00 PM



Come Learn about things, and ask questions about the New Orleans Communities!​​​

Saturday 4/4/2020 @ 4:00PM


Pup Crawl

Come crawl around with us, as we venture to bars that support our lifestyle and Communities! Cutter's Bar, New Orleans Phoenix, Golden Lantern, Bourbon Pub, and Grand Pre's!

Saturday 4/5/2020 @ 9:00PM, Phoenix Bar

941 Elysian Fields Avenue


Come watch and support our pups as they compete for the title of SouthernMost Puppy! Come cheer on your favorite pup, or give them scritches! All are welcome to attend and we always know how to have a fun time!

Sunday 4/6/2020 @ 11 AM, Phoenix Bar

941 Elysian Fields Avenue

Victory Brunch and Community Awards

Come have some drinks and finger sandwiches, As we mix and mingle, and show our support to those that support us!